Customer Information


(a) Ease of Communication

Since everyone is busy and sometimes difficult to contact by phone, especially during the busy vintage period, the staff at ANPROS are pleased to contact our customers by email regarding dispatch of goods from our office, or ETA of goods to be delivered, etc.

Goods freighted by the ANPROS nominated carrier, can be tracked during transit and identified according to details of the consignment note.
The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for freight can be confirmed to the customer by email or phone or fax, as required.

Assisting customers to receive their freight ASAP, is the highest priority of the staff at ANPROS Pty Ltd.

(b) Ease of Ordering Products

In order to ensure that Ordering Products & Obtaining Delivery of ANPROS laboratory reagents occurs easily and simply, please complete the ANPROS FAX BACK – PURCHASE ORDER FORM for prompt attention and dispatch of goods for arrival on the date required.

(c) Defective Products

If any customer is not satisfied with a product supplied by ANPROS Pty Ltd, then ANPROS Pty Ltd should be notified within 7 working days from the date of purchase. The product should be maintained in its original condition by cool or cold storage (ie refrigeration, etc) and immediately returned to ANPROS for testing purposes (freight charged to ANPROS).

A replacement product will be sent immediately to the customer (at ANPROS expense) in order to limit any inconvenience, especially during the extremely busy vintage period.

Importantly, even though this situation is considered to be a remote possibility, ANPROS is prepared to send the replacement product without waiting for the suspect product to be returned to our company. Please refer to our Quality Control Management Procedure for additional information.


A Warranty Period of six (6) months is valid for all products.

The Warranty for products is void under the following conditions:

1. The product has not been used correctly during the analysis procedure.

2. Due care of the product has not occurred, resulting in the deterioration
or spoilage of the product.

Examples of improper handling or due care would be:

i) To not refrigerate a product such as 0.3% or 30% hydrogen peroxide solution resulting in deterioration of the product.

ii) To leave a product exposed to the atmosphere and consequent deterioration. An example would be: leaving a sodium hydroxcide solution in a burette for a length of time.

iii) To leave a product to stand at high temperature (>30C) for a period of time.

iv) Not replacing a cap on a reagent bottle thus risking contamination of the product.

3. Contamination of the product after delivery or collection of the


ANPROS Pty Ltd guarantees the Best Quality, the Best Service & the Best Pricing available to our Customers. Our aim is to continue to service and retain fully satisfied, loyal and happy customers.