Dolmar Laccase Test Kits

Dolmar Laccase Test Kits


Anpros stock Dolmar Laccase Test Kits. Dolmar Laccase tests are not affected by the presence of SO2.

All kits contain a small vial of Laccase standard enzyme solution, which may not be included in other test kits on the market.

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  1. Pour 10ml of must or wine (ie at room temp.) into a 100ml beaker.
  2. Add 1g PVPP (ie 1 level teaspoon) and mix well. Wait 3 minutes.
  3. Place a folded/ fluted filter paper into the plastic funnel provided and place in test tube (glass). Pour the mixture into the filter funnel and observe the colour of the filtered solution.

    If the wine still remains coloured then a further addition of PVPP will be required. Steps 1 – 3 should be repeated until a non- coloured juice or wine sample is obtained.
  4. Now pour 5ml of the decolourised must or wine (ie at room temp.) into a 100ml beaker.
  5. Add 0.5ml of Reagent A
  6. Add 5ml of Reagent B
  7. Mix the solution and leave for 3 minutes
  8. Place the filter paper provided (or a folded/ fluted filter paper No.6 – 90mm) into a plastic filter funnel which is then placed into the test tube provided.
    Filter the mixture by pouring into the filter paper/ funnel.
    Collect 5ml of the filtered solution into the test tube.
  9. Add 0.5ml of the Reagent C
  10. Compare the result by comparing the colour of the solution to that indicated on the Colour Chart after 30 seconds.The true result will occur after 30 seconds even though the intensity of the colour will continue to increase with time.

Please Note

  1. Intensely coloured grape musts and wines may require a larger addition of PVPP than the initial 1g amount.
  2. In the case of the Dolmar Laccase test, the procedure works in the presence of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) while in the case of the Laffort Laccase Test Kit the sample of juice or wine must be desulphured using hydrogen peroxide.The process of completely desulphuring a sample of juice or wine (ie removing any Free and/or Bound SO2) involves the analysis of the initial sample of juice/ wine using the Rankine Apparatus then slowly adding the calculated amount of 3% Hydrogen peroxide (3% H2O2) and repeating the Rankine test until the wine is shown to contain no SO2. A time consuming undertaking.
  3. Since the Dolmar Laccase test is considered to be the most sensitive currently available (ie The 0.2 laccase result is considered high enough to warrant removing the laccase). Basically any colour change means that there is active laccase enzyme present that must be removed.According to the Laffort literature and instructions contained in their kits, “ A healthy harvest with no oxidative risk will have a laccase level of < 1 laccase unit/ml, whilst an affected harvest will have a level over 2 laccase units/ml”
  4. The Dolmar Laccase kit contains a small vial of laccase enzyme for the purpose of observing the effects of a positive laccase result and to check the method undertaken by the analyst.

The sample of Standard Active Laccase solution will enable you to confirm that the procedure used in regard to the Dolmar Laccase Test is correct.

This simple test will enable confirmation of a positive result for the presence of laccase. Keep vial in the fridge.

Method: Using the Dolmar Test kit, substitute 5ml of must or wine with 5ml of the active laccase enzyme solution to achieve a positive result of 0.4 on the Colour Chart.

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