Oxyper Cleaning & Sterilising Oak CasksOxyper is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide & sodium percarbonate, both of which are approved in food applications. Oxyper is a safe, solid form of hydrogen peroxide/sodium percarbonate.

Used to clean / sterilise / deodourise oak casks together with wine presses vats and tanks. A safe alternative to the use of caustic soda which can damage oak products.

Oxyper can be used to bleach & destain the surfaces of wooden vats, press cages and oak barrels.

Oxyper is particularly effective for soaking barrels in order to remove off–odours and as a means of sterilizing barrels both pre & post vintage.

Oxyper when used initially as a hot soaking solution in oak barrels and then as a hot spray will assist in the removal of tartrates and of retaining the desired aromatic oak characters in the barrel.

Oxyper dissolves rapidly, is odour free and will not taint.

Oxyper degrades naturally to sodium carbonate (ie chalk), oxygen and water.

7 – 10g / Litre ( Depending on the application )

Soak the barrel for 24 hours in an initially hot solution of Oxyper and /or thoroughly spray a hot solution of Oxyper inside wooden casks to remove solid deposits or residues such as tartrates. Rinse clean with a warm water spray.

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